My Database

My Database

Maximise your media management with our advanced platform: discover, analyse, and engage with media contacts globally

For media professionals seeking a transformative edge, My Database is the ultimate solution. Our platform serves as the centralized hub for understanding, leveraging, and maximising the value of your media. From identifying newly engaged media to intelligently building lists based on a multitude of factors, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools. With access to an extensive network of 60 thousand managed media contacts, our global perspective ensures that you have a 360-degree view of your media landscape. Elevate your media strategy—choose My Database for unparalleled insights, empowering you to stay ahead and make impactful decisions in the ever-evolving world of media.

My Database

Media in one place:
Understand the value of your media in one central place


See new engaged media


Build list based on intelligence (i.e. engaged media, sentiment, reach, keywords/topics)


Fully understand the media coverage post-booking


Access to 60 thousand managed media contacts

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