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30+ Global Newsrooms:
We manage a diverse range of newsrooms around the world.

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30% More Visits:
Users visit more when they use our newsrooms—it’s that simple.


Pioneering Mobile Apps:
We were the first to offer Progressive Web App solutions.

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Multiple Notification Channels:
Get your news via email or push notifications—it’s your choice.

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Essential for Journalists:
97% of info-seeking journalists use our newsrooms regularly, with 48% using them daily

Premier Newsrooms for Global Brands!


As the premier provider of online newsrooms, we stand as a global leader, delivering enterprise-level media solutions to some of the most renowned brands worldwide. We empower brands with our unparalleled services, enhancing their media presence on domestic, international, and global scales.

Our operation of high-calibre newsrooms—or media sites as they are often called—has set us apart in the industry. We offer tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each brand, ensuring a seamless and impactful media experience across diverse markets.

Our distinctive success stems from our identity as a specialised media agency with advanced digital capabilities, unlike digital agencies with only a handful of PR clients. We pride ourselves on serving exclusively PR professionals, offering them innovative and strategic media solutions to elevate their brand’s visibility and reputation in their specific industry.


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